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What is Freesurveyors? is an open global marketplace, where Marine Surveyors offer their skills to complete a wide range of surveys requested by Clients. is not an employer, or recruiting agency. This website only acting as online platform where job offers are made by registered shipowners.

Who can register on Freesurveyors?

Here are a two types of users on


– Skilled individuals working in the field of marine surveying activity who are able to complete assigned tasks in order to get a reward.

– Companies specialising in maritime-related services, including survey and consultancy


– Commercial organisations, such as Shipping Companies, Ship Managing Companies, Shipowners Associations, etc.

– Individuals, such as private yacht owners, sailing boat and small craft owners, boat renting companies.

For what kind of properties survey job can be requested?

Here are a two main property categories on


–  Commercial vessels, Passenger ships, Fishing Vessels, Offshore Vessels & Installations


–  Yachts, Sailboats, Small Crafts, Fishing Boats

What is the aim of Freesurveyors? is developed to establish a direct link between the Client (Shipping Companies/Boat Owners) and the Independent Surveyor. By using the Client can easily find suitable Surveyor to perform a particular job onboard their vessel. Surveyors can be chosen by location to avoid travel costs. The skill system and relevant search function helping to find the right individual with the required experience.

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